PM1500 Bandsaw is a 2013 Editors Choice Award Pick

Every year, Tools of the Trade ( recognizes standout tools that caught their attention throughout the previous year. They chose the PM1500 Bandsaw as their number 5 pick. See what they had to say about it:

The new PM1500 was originally designed to be Powermatic’s flagship 14-inch band saw, but too much power and cutting capability was packed in and it burst at the seams and was released instead as a 15-inch model. We’re only partially kidding: With its 3-horsepower motor and capacity for 14-inch-tall and 14 1/2-inch-wide stock, this 400-pound machine outclasses even many of the 18-inch band saws on the market. The real benefit of the 15-inch wheels is that they can run thicker and wider blades than 14-inch wheels can — large blades up to 1 inch wide, in fact, which are best for resawing or milling rough stock into boards.

This machine’s other features include massive cast-iron wheels, a rock-solid guide post with rack-and-pinion gear adjustment, dual dust-collection ports, and a large cast-iron table with a T-square fence that features an extra-tall faceplate for stability.

For extra safety, the saw has a removable magnetic lockout key that disables the power switch, an interlock switch on the tensioning lever that won’t let the saw start with the blade untensioned, and a foot brake that switches the power off and mechanically stops the blade. Price: $2,900. 800-274-6848

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