PM-TJ Tenoning Jig


Mortise and tenon joints are a mainstay of woodworking and there are several types of jigs to create this popular joint. But none of them provide the accuracy and repeatability of the new Powermatic Tenoning Jig. With the unique set up of the Powermatic Tenoning Jig, the guess work and uncertainty is taken out of the tenon cutting process.


Jig uses your chisel to configure set up eliminating the need to transfer measurements
Adjustable work stop and clamp provide secure method for holding work piece
Extruded handles are conveniently located away from the blade
Guide bar with set screws to fit to table saw miter slot
Work stop features a magnified angle indicator
Compact and adjustable clamp to fit your work piece size
Lightweight makes it easy to move on and off your table saw
Microadjust system to customize your tenon
Can be used with low profile riving knife


Net Weight (Lbs.)
Fence Surface (L x H)(In.)
9-5/8 x 6-1/2
Fits T-slot Dimensions (W x D)(In.)
3/4 x 3/8